Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Isle offers an intimate, stunning golf vacation

Kauai, Hawaii’s Garden Isle offers an intimate, stunning golf vacation

There are eight golf courses in Kauai Hawaiian Island. This does not sound like many compared to the other islands, but when you put this into perspective, the Garden Isle has 33 miles by 25 miles of golf course hence far. While staying at Kauai beach resort, you can easily play all the courses a week or even stay at three of the best Kauai best resorts for three nights each.  All the same there us a lot to discover about gold on the island as its rewarding as well as relaxing especially when the rain holds off.

What are the Kauai airport golf options?

When you arrive at Kauai via Lihue Airport, you can choose from several golf options just that offers still a dining experience near. If you come late in the afternoon choose Kauai Lagoons Golf Course and later in the morning head to Kauai Marriott.

The dining experience is a must do when you get at Hamura’s Saimin. Still there are three more golf courses just a few minutes from the airport. The Kauai Lagoons is one of the properties of the Kauai Marriott Resort on Kalapaki Beach. It is one of the crown jewels of the island but has lost some of its former glory. The next two golf a few minutes the airports are

If you are looking for some free golf place, then check with Puakea.

Check the north shore golf course

Moving north you go to It is only 42 miles to the St. Regis Princeville Resort on the North Shore. However, it does take around 1:15 minutes. All things considered, there are no interstates on Kauai.

Still, it is a fast trek, and a can’t miss for anybody going to Kauai as ostensibly the best two greens on Kauai are situated there. Luckily, my most loved course on the island and one of the best courses in Hawaii – the Makai Course at Princeville – is still transparent than any time in recent memory. More details here!

What’s more, amid a week of incredible dinners, we may have spared the best for last at the St. Regis’ Kauai Grill. Formed like a nautilus shell neglecting the sound, the eatery highlights, for the most part, ranch-to-table elements for dishes made by Michelin honored Jean-Georges Vongerichten. On this night, we did not do fish, having done that all week, yet rather had the sheep hacks and short rib, which positioned among the best we’ve ever had. Servings of mixed greens and pastries did not baffle either.

Lastly there More Kauai activities, have time to hike, …