Free Things to Do on Kauai

Choose a Kauai vacation packages. Traveling to Kauai is one of the fascinating destinations in the world. There are lots of travelers offing excellent advice especially on snorkeling in Kauai. If you are one of those who love the incredible scenery as well as fun outdoor activities, then the place to save some coins is taking a Kauai vacation. Here you will have the joy of your life.

Here is a collection of locations you can visit plus things you can do in Kauai for free!

Enjoy Kauai underwater experience

I have been to Kauai beach resort where apart for swimming I had some marine expertise. You can bring the snorkeler if you need special gear. Their equipment is very cheap almost free and easily accessible hence no need to carry your gear for the mainland.  A Kauai vacation packages will not be complete without checking in the excellent choices of all ages at Foodland as well as Ace Hardware.

Check on the fresh as well as fun antiquing at collectibles & fine Junque. Here they offer free browsing hence you can find something cheap but stylish to buy. This is the only shop that is loaded with items, that all are from Hawaii dating back in the historical connection of Asia as well as The South Seas. There are plenty of ship model lamps, books, vintage clothes as well as carvings.

Play and relax- Kauai beach vacation

Kauai beach resort is one of the places to be, indeed is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii that is surrounded by a complete lei of golden and white sands. There is a popular family beach best on a sunny day on the south shore Poipu beach resorts. It offers gentle surf that you will enjoy for free. All Kauai Beach are open to the public, and where there is property blocking the access you will always find the pubic trail. The hotel grounds offer open access to using the hotel ground then no need not to enjoy the resort landscaping as well as art all for free.

Love driving; Waimea Canyon Road to Kope’e State Park.

Here there are many views as well as stops along the way. You can keep stopping but ensure you reach the end of the road where you can have a view of the fascinating Pacific side Kauai. There are breathtaking overlooks of the Sacred Canyons that is only viewed for the spot or else use a helicopter to enjoy the sight. Off the road, there are top class beautiful trails. These trails have a design to offer a 4×4 access that even a newbie can handle. Stop by at the museum to get a map provided free and enjoyed the trails. More details here.

Love volunteering then Kauai is the destination.

To enjoy a free Kauai vacation packages need some tactics like becoming part of the Kauai community. By Volunteering on Kauai to care for gardens, trails, as well as the rainforest then you can have free fun.  Enjoy the Koke’e State Park that offers professional botanists leading volunteers into the forest working on the removal of invasive plants. Have fun with the meetup group provides here with a great way of learning as well as sharing in the environment.

Lastly don’t forget to check with the Koke’e Natural History Museum, that that is next to the Lodge as well as CCC Camp. While you pay for Kauai hotels, make use of all the free events offered by the island.


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