Top 4 reasons why you should visit Poipu

Poipu is located in Hawaiian and is designated in Kauaʻi County on the southern side of the island of Kauaʻi in the United State which is a state of Hawaiʻi. The population was nine hundred and seventy nine at the 2010 census and the town features a group of high-end hotels, resorts, one main shopping center and others.

Therefore there are nearly perfect weather at the Poipu, endless blue of the Pacific Ocean, lush tropical jungle, color reef fish and various ocean activities such as surfing and kayaking, beautiful beaches and majestic cliff walks, there are also plenty of free (which are almost free) entertainment in Poipu beach and on the South Shore of Kauai.

There are reasons why one should visit Poipu, which include the following;
a) The presence of beaches
Kauai which is alluring in the southern coastline, it features a series of unusual reef formations and also white sand beaches where each has its own shoreline environment. Therefore swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling, and also scuba diving are all found within a one mile stretch of the coastline. Poipu beach resort is therefore considered as amongst the safest in Hawaii which has a lifeguard on duty which include seven days a week. However, one should always check ocean conditions before entering, and also never be in the ocean alone. Some of the Kauai beaches do not have trash receptacles, and therefore it should be kept clean.
b) Spouting Horn
This is a natural wonder that occurs when water rushes under a lava shelf and bursts through a small opening at the surface and every wave produces another spray and therefore the spouting horn frequently spurts salt water up to fifty feet into the air. This feature is usually most exciting at the sunset when the spray becomes incandescent with the colors of the rainbow and the blowhole is different from others found throughout the state where another hole nearby only blows air and making of a loud groaning sound. The legend states that this coast was guarded by a large mo’o (which the largest lizards) who ate everyone who tried to fish or swim here.
c) Moir Gardens
This is where the Moir family who are builders of the elegant lava rock home that houses Kiahuna Plantations in the front there are offices and restaurants called Pa’U a Laka. Therefore, it honors both Laka, which is the Hawaiian goddess of hula, and Kuka’ ohi’aa laka and the rain god. In the recent the area is called Kiahuna Plantation Resort, which refers to the both nearby ancient temple and the sugar plantation era. The ancient Hawaiians farmed in this rocky and arid area, where they channeled stream water in ‘auwai, or ditches. Therefore, the remnant ‘auwai remains in the garden.
d) Kauai Aloha Festivals
This is one of the events that occur during the Mokihana Festival. Therefore, the group hula competition features outstanding kahiko (who are the ancient) and modern hula by male and female dance halaus (include the schools) and no charges are included.
A series of events were intended to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture and the Kaua’i Aloha festivals were formerly known as Aloha week festivals which are showcase of Hawaiian music, dance, cuisine, arts and cultural practices and all the events feature presentation of Kaua’i’s royal court, are found at different locations around Kaua’I and some such as the Mokihana festival and the Na Lima Hana festival include, multiple days of activities.

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